Sunday, January 03, 2010

Here it is 2010 and it has been two years since I posted.... shame on me! My only excuse is that I have gotten into quilting big time.... joined a guild, attended an AQS seminar in Paduca, KY, and have made many quilts... Sadly, I have neglected my crazy quilting and the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery..... have done a bit of applique.

I lost my last surviving Aunt Mary Ann in August, quite unexpectedly and certainly neither she or I were ready for it..... but God has His way of doing things and we just need to accept his judgement. I do miss her so much. What a delightful gal she was. There was only 8 yrs difference in our ages, so she was more like a sister. Her knowledge and love of the birds, flowers and trees were remarkable.

I am now depressed, thinking of the loss of will close for now..... plan on doing better in keeping up my notes and pictures of my projects....


Friday, January 25, 2008

It's me again, Margaret

Time again is my biggest enemy. Is it only me, or does time go faster each day? The old addage "The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get" certainly applies to my life. I now have added needleturn applique and "sane" quilting to my needlework, like I needed something else to collect stash I do love mixing the hand applique with the traditional quilt blocks.

Since I last posted my two outside dogs passed away. Polly and Whoopie were both 12 years of age and died within 6 weeks of each other. They both are sadly missed. However, the morning after we buried Polly, a three legged red bone coon hound appeared at the farm. I truly feel Polly sent him to ease my grieving. I named him Tripod and he is a joy. What a happy dog he appreciative and loving. I do so admire his attitude....he doesn't know he isn't like other dogs....his gait when walking is quite wobbly but when he runs you would never know he was missing a front left leg. I am guessing he was born that way...I see no scars...I had seen him before about two miles from here about a year he is a survior...

I will see if I have any photos of him to post....and also look for some pictures of some of the quilts I have made...TA TA for now.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Where does the time go?

It is only me or does the time seem to go faster each day. I have been busy lately doing some "sane" quilt tops... (I do the quilting part with my credit I really need to get on the ball now and work on the two classes I will be teaching at the Omaha Crazy Quilt Society Conference in July. One is for beginners in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and the second one is an advanced class..."Let's Knot and Make Some Flowers". I taught the Beginners class year before last, so that won't be much of a time consumer getting it ready.

This past March, I lost a very dear friend, Barbara Riegle. At 85 she was still such a force to be dealt with. A very generous, kind, motivated lady... I met her through a crazy quilt internet group, Chatty's Angels, about ten years ago. She was so talented in her fact, in everything she did. At the age of 72 she got her degree in communication.....having spent most of her working life as a reporter...traveling the world over. She leaves such a large void.

That's about it from the "funny farm" today....promise to do better in updating my blog.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rita's Needlework

Rita's Needlework
I am doing the Stitcher's Happy Dance... I found out yesterday that my BDE piece, Verana (the second photo down) won first place in it's category and also Best of Show......WOW!!!

I almost have two other designs completed and will post them as soon as it is done...they are Peggy Crawfords' Ole World and Anna Grist's Sabrina.

Just for a change of pace, I have started a "sane" quilt top....Garden Impressions....which includes applique....have to say that neither one of these are my best good to stretch one's mind.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rita's Needlework

Rita's Needlework
June 8, 2006

Where does time go? I am getting ready to leave Saturday to visit my Sis Froggie in Federal Way.... We will attend the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Seminar the week of the 12th in Portland, Oregon. This will be our fifth seminar. This one is special as a dear certified teacher of BDE, Peggy Crawford, will be teaching again and the lady that introduced me to BDE, Rosalie Long, will be attending the seminar, too. How lucky can one girl get? Following the seminar, Froggie and I will follow two Canandian BDE teachers, stitching friends, Mary Kurbis and Pat Carefoot, back to their home for a short visit. Then Sis Froggie and I will have some time for just us, as I don't return home until the 3rd of July.

I wasn't able to attend the Crazy Quilt Society Retreat in Omaha this year due to prior committments, but hope to teach two classes in BDE there next year... the retreat will be in July next year and it will either be the 9th or 10th year for this event...

See you when I get home....


Friday, September 23, 2005

September 23, 2005

It is difficult to believe how fast time goes by. My friend, Froggie (Carol Anfinson) returned with me from her home in Seattle the 20th. She had a torn rotator cuff repaired the 7th of this month and I flew out there to spend 2 weeks helping her post surgery. She will be here until the 11th of October. We both are deeply into Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and Crazy Quilting. Currently we are both making a half inch Grandmother's Flower Garden Baby Quilt....I am not sure we will be able to part with either one of them....there is a mightly lot of stitching in these little

Another BDE teacher and friend, Peggy Crawford, from Blacksburg, Virginia, will be joining us next week. We will drive over and "kidnap" her, post spending a couple of days there....then she will be here with us for a few days before her SO recues her...we did this last year and had a delightful time full of stitching.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Creeping Flower....a JDR Design....Using this for class in Omaha on Beginning Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. Posted by Hello

Verana is now matted and framed....Isn't she lovely? Posted by Hello