Friday, September 23, 2005

September 23, 2005

It is difficult to believe how fast time goes by. My friend, Froggie (Carol Anfinson) returned with me from her home in Seattle the 20th. She had a torn rotator cuff repaired the 7th of this month and I flew out there to spend 2 weeks helping her post surgery. She will be here until the 11th of October. We both are deeply into Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and Crazy Quilting. Currently we are both making a half inch Grandmother's Flower Garden Baby Quilt....I am not sure we will be able to part with either one of them....there is a mightly lot of stitching in these little

Another BDE teacher and friend, Peggy Crawford, from Blacksburg, Virginia, will be joining us next week. We will drive over and "kidnap" her, post spending a couple of days there....then she will be here with us for a few days before her SO recues her...we did this last year and had a delightful time full of stitching.