Saturday, May 05, 2007

Where does the time go?

It is only me or does the time seem to go faster each day. I have been busy lately doing some "sane" quilt tops... (I do the quilting part with my credit I really need to get on the ball now and work on the two classes I will be teaching at the Omaha Crazy Quilt Society Conference in July. One is for beginners in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery and the second one is an advanced class..."Let's Knot and Make Some Flowers". I taught the Beginners class year before last, so that won't be much of a time consumer getting it ready.

This past March, I lost a very dear friend, Barbara Riegle. At 85 she was still such a force to be dealt with. A very generous, kind, motivated lady... I met her through a crazy quilt internet group, Chatty's Angels, about ten years ago. She was so talented in her fact, in everything she did. At the age of 72 she got her degree in communication.....having spent most of her working life as a reporter...traveling the world over. She leaves such a large void.

That's about it from the "funny farm" today....promise to do better in updating my blog.