Friday, January 25, 2008

It's me again, Margaret

Time again is my biggest enemy. Is it only me, or does time go faster each day? The old addage "The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get" certainly applies to my life. I now have added needleturn applique and "sane" quilting to my needlework, like I needed something else to collect stash I do love mixing the hand applique with the traditional quilt blocks.

Since I last posted my two outside dogs passed away. Polly and Whoopie were both 12 years of age and died within 6 weeks of each other. They both are sadly missed. However, the morning after we buried Polly, a three legged red bone coon hound appeared at the farm. I truly feel Polly sent him to ease my grieving. I named him Tripod and he is a joy. What a happy dog he appreciative and loving. I do so admire his attitude....he doesn't know he isn't like other dogs....his gait when walking is quite wobbly but when he runs you would never know he was missing a front left leg. I am guessing he was born that way...I see no scars...I had seen him before about two miles from here about a year he is a survior...

I will see if I have any photos of him to post....and also look for some pictures of some of the quilts I have made...TA TA for now.



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